Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!!

Happy Thursday!! One day until the weekend!! That makes me one happy camper! :)
Okay, on with the show!


~Printing a check for accounts payable at work for, oh say, $700,000 more than it was supposed to be for...Whoops! Luckily I caught it right after I printed it. I voided that puppy right away!! :) Talk about a blonde moment!

~Remember last week when I told you about one of my girls getting hurt at youth group? Um, yeah. She sprained her ankle. Who feels guilty?? This girl!! So, so sorry Syd! I love you!

~ Dogs shedding. Lets face it, its gross and you end up looking like you rolled around on the floor. 

~Calling your hubby and as soon as he answers the phone saying, "the trash can is in the closet." Then the ever so awkward silence, followed by the Hubs saying, "did you seriously just start a conversation by telling me 
the trash can is in the closet?" Um...yep. This is what he deals with on a daily basis folks!

~Being in the middle of a conversation during "cuddle time" with the Hubs, when all of a sudden you start shouting, "and he was flying through the air! And daddy, he took my boot!" {ahem, from Tarzan of course} with full on hand motions and a terrible British accent {seriously, you should hear my Harry Potter movie lines}. Some things I just can't explain. They pop into my head and I can't contain myself...its like my thoughts are bursting at the seems, just screaming to be let out... 


~Finding little notes all over and inside of my desk from my friend/co-worker because she is gone for the week. I feel so loved! :)

~Getting your hair dyed by someone other than yourself. And not from a box. Oh, and did I mention it cost me less than $10? Who likes saving money?! 

~Having the books you ordered show up in the mail! Hooray! I can't wait to crack them open!!

~Spending every day since Saturday with my best friend :) She's fun. I like her!

~Having an awesome time with my high school girls last night at youth group. I am one lucky leader!