Thursday, April 07, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!

Good morning!! Its time for...

and here we go!! :)


~Driving around at dusk trying to find a house that you are considering renting. You drive up and down the street a couple of times and then turn onto a tiny dirt road thinking "this has to be it!" No address is listed, so you send the Hubs out to search for one, meanwhile you are idling the car. Waiting. He comes back saying that he just isn't sure. You pull around the house to leave and realize that, yup, definitely not the right place. Hopefully we didn't freak anyone out.

~Showing up to work in your awesome yellow sweater and one of the first people see you says, "you look like a bumblebee!" I knew I shouldn't have worn the black leggings, but hey, as long as I am a cute bumblebee I am okay. :) Um...the youth pastor at church also called me a bumblebee, but at least he didn't "buzz" at me. hehe!

~Last night at youth group we played a game of King of the Mountain {or whatever you want to call it}. They did it in groups and genders. When the junior girls were supposed to go up we made most of our girls go up since our group of girls makes up all but three of the junior girls class. Lets just say that the sophomore girls eat their Wheaties or are uber competitive because it looked like all of our girls got taken out all at the same time...and all ended up injured. Most of them were scrapes and rug burns, but my poor Sydney. :( She rolled her ankle and it was really swollen. It looked like she had a golf ball in the side of her foot. She is super cute too. I sent the guys to go find some ice and she turned and looked at me and said, "are  you sure its swollen and not just bone?" I laughed and told her to trust me, it was definitely swollen. Next time the game should be something duck, duck, goose. Just sayin'.


~Telling your hubby that you are thinking about starting an etsy shop and he says, "your best idea, ever!" So glad to know that I have his support. :)

~Finding awesome deals and all the stores I went to last weekend! Um, heck yes!!

~It snowed last night! This is only awesome because I was wearing my cozy yellow sweater yesterday, otherwise...bad snow!! Its spring time! Weather, get with  the program! :)

~It looks like we found a place to move to in Salem!!! :)

~Just spending time sitting and talking with the Hubs. He's pretty awesome. I like him, so I think I'll keep him.