Thursday, May 05, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!

Welcome to another week of Awkward and Awesome!


~While leaving the dentist's office I turned and totally "wobbled" on my shoe and went flying, but recovered and quickly walked to my car. The dental assistant saw, but was a gem and didn't say a word. Love that office!

~I was using my laptop on the floor while working on my Etsy shop, when out of no where this HUGE spider came running right at me!! I jumped up onto the couch {insert the shriek that went with it} and picked up my feet. Unfortunately the Hubs was still at work. I knew I couldn't go back down there to finish, so I sucked it up and stepped on the spider. When I lifted my foot it went running again! Its like I didn't even touch it {what does that thing eat to get its super strength?!}! I stepped on it again, held my foot there, and then did the little "foot twist." When I picked my foot up it was no longer moving. I left it there until my Hubby came home. I did periodically check to make sure it was still dead. Then my sweet man picked it up and threw it away {with his bare hands!! ewww!!}. Don't worry. I made him leave the room and wash his hands. :)

~Well, the washer is still not working and I am running out of clothes {and yes, I refuse to go to the laundromat}. I tell you, I never realized how many ugly clothes I own. After the washer starts working again and I have clean clothes, I am going through my closet and throwing some stuff away. I never realized how uncomfortable I was in "ugly" clothes until my Hubby asked me to meet him for dinner while he was at work. Up until this point I had been going to work and then home, refusing to leave the house in those clothes. I love him, so I went. And it was awful {the ugly clothes feeling, not the dinner with my Hubby...he's the best!}. I was out of there as soon as it was possible! :) I never thought I would say it, but I can't wait to do my laundry! :)


~Learning how to shoot this past weekend!

~Going to California on Friday {yep we are doing that long torturous drive again!} for my cousin's wedding! Woo hoo! Congrats Cuz!! :)

~Spending the day at the beach on Saturday...and it was sunny!!

~Yesterday, not only did we have sunshine, but it was 70 degrees to boot! Hello, Spring!

~Today is my nephew's 3rd birthday! And it's my friend and co-worker's {Janet} birthday {I won't say how old she is...its our little secret! ;) }! Happy birthday Logan and Janet!! :) Side note: Yesterday was my brother-in-law's {Logan's Daddy} birthday! Happy birthday, Tyler!

Okay, let's hear it! What awkward and awesome things have you done this week?! :)

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