Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Good morning!! Welcome to another round of Awkward & of my favorite times of the week!


~Our Seattle trip for this weekend being cancelled {again}

~We just moved and the Hub's put the new keys on the mantel. I grabbed the mail key and went on my merry little way. Later that night I went to the mail box and tried the box that I was pretty sure was ours. Nothing happened. I ended up trying six different boxes {I am sure someone thought I was trying to take their mail} and still couldn't get the key to open anything! This totally bummed me out because that meant I had to wait until midnight when Hub's would get home to get the mail...and I love the mail!
I decided to swing by the Hub's work to say hi and when I got there he informed me that he was having a horrible day! He started to explain that they were short staffed and to top it all off, he had lost the key to the jewelry department! He also mentioned that if he couldn't find it they were going to have to re-key the entire store and he would probably end up losing his job. He pulled out his key ring and my heart stopped. I slowly reached into my purse and kept repeating "I thought it was the mail key" as I pulled out the "mail" key. He checked to see if it would open up the jewelry case and surprise, surprise, it did! I felt horrible!! I am so glad that we figured that out and that I decided at the last minute to drop by to see him. Ugh. *good news-nothing happened with his job *better news-I finally got the mail! lol I know, priorities, right??

~While putting away my shoes this weekend when I was unpacking I decided to count my shoes. I have have 40 pairs not including flip flops or snow boots...

~Shorts. This is a personal preference, but I don't care for them all that much. I think they look adorable on other people, but I never feel comfortable in them {or cute for that matter}.


~The lady at Subway asking me if my eyelashes were real :)

~Living closer to friends and having them come over whenever they feel like it!

~Glee!! {Sigh}

~Um, hello! I have over 40 pairs of shoes!! Yippee!!

~I love that when talking "shop" with my boss, neither of us are referring to work, but actual shopping. It makes work extra fun! :)

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