Friday, May 20, 2011

What I'm Lovin'-Anthropologie

Anthropologie! Ahh! I get the chills just saying the name! I love this store and its pretty easy to see why. They have adorable clothes and I feel that they fit my style well. I love going into this store and perusing the merchandise. Unfortunately, this is probably as close to owning something from this store as I am ever going to get. Why can't fantastic stuff just be free {or close to it??}. Here's what I am lovin':

Wave-Washed Dress

Readymade Dress

Parading Hues Dress

This just screams "summer!"

Besotted Dress

Something about this dress just calls to me

Sunny Soiree Dress

currently out of stock and I can see why! This is my fave out of the bunch!

Lemon Stick Wedges

Too stinkin' cute for their own good!

Hybrid Floribunda Sandals

I love how bright these shoes are :)

Quechua Dress

I would wear this dress just about anywhere!

Anthropologie...yay or nay for you? What is your favorite item from their store?