Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Good morning and welcome to another edition of...


~ Crying during a Fancy Feast know the one where the guy proposes with an adorable and fluffy kitten? Yeah, how can you say no to that?! 
P.S.- I want that kitten.

~ Pulling up to the drive thru speaker to place an order, only to find out that the thing you were planning on ordering is no longer wanted. By this point, you are now pinned in with cars in front and behind you. You casually tell the lady, who is ready to take your order, that you have changed your mind and aren't ordering anything. Then you drive past all the windows and out of the drive thru at the first available opportunity. How weird must they think you are?

Okay, first, let me just start this one off by saying that I can't believe I am actually posting this. So.Embarrassing. and definitely not lady-like.
At work yesterday morning I, as they say, "let one rip" {silently, of course. I am a lady after-all}. A co-worker walked up to my desk to hand me something and said, "mmmm. Something smells good! Is it a lotion?" Horrified, but trying to not let it show {and honestly, thinking she had lost her mind a little}, I asked, "does it smell like vanilla?" I was certain that it was my body spray. She said, "no, but whatever it is smells really good!" Apparently, I make pretty smells!


~ Having my Hubby back home after being gone for four days!

~ Going to look at two dressers today...and hopefully coming home with one! :)

~ Netflix. Admit it, its pretty great.

~ Getting a card in the mail from the parents with a check as a belated anniversary gift-Thanks Mom & Dad!

~ Getting the Hub's to take his passport picture! Come Monday, we will have both of ours sent off!

~ Making my first Etsy shop sale! Woo!

~ Sending the Hub's a text about the embarrassing event from yesterday...and having him actually think it funny {sometimes...err...all the time I send him things that I think are hilarious and he doesn't even laugh, so this is HUGE!}.

Okay, whatcha got for me this week?? Share, share, share! :)

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