Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Good  morning!! Welcome to Awkward & Awesome...the place that makes you feel good about yourself! :) Read and enjoy!


~We have two doors near the stairs at my work. The one directly in front of the stairs never seems to be closed all the way {really people! Just pull the door closed with you as you walk out it. Nothing worse than a flapping door!}. I went out the side door and saw that the other door was only semi closed. I figured that I could, in one swift movement, turn to go down the stairs and grab the other door to close it as I was leaving. I walked out the side door, criss-crossed my legs, and reached for the door...and missed. Badly. I lost my balance and started to topple over {almost down the stairs} until I grabbed onto the railing. I love railings. They save lives. I did get the door closed and make it down the stairs, but definitely not at the same time. Whew! One of these days I am actually going to fall down the stairs. I fall up them all the time, but really, this was a close call.

~My hubby met me for lunch the other day {subway for pizza...yeah, we're rebels} and we were talking about something that made me stop and think. I got quiet and started thinking when he turns to me and says, "you just got that snarky look on your face." I looked at him a little dismayed and said, "that was my thinking face." Guess I should stop thinking if that's the kind of reaction I am going to get. Sad.

~Tuesday night I was cooking yummy quesadillas {that's their name}and my friend Porshla was assisting me. After I made the first one and started on the second the pan started to smoke. She looked at me and said, "it's kind of smokey in here." I replied, "yup." She opened the sliding door and then turn and asked me, "is that normal?" I replied with, "every time I make 'em." The bottom was only a little burned, but they tasted really good. Trust me. :)

~Nail polish chipping and having to re-paint your nails...two days in a row. I think I need better and longer lasting nail polish.

~Forgetting about your laundry in the washer and the smell that comes with forgetting...whoops!

~Sneezing while driving on a curved road, with your eyes half closed {because you're sneezing}, and kind of drifting into the other lane while a car is coming right at you...stinkin' allergies are literally trying to kill me!


~Playing Rockband {and singing at the top of our lungs}, twister, and pictionary man with the senior girls at our slumber party last weekend!

~The new Dr. Who...the Hubs and I are hooked! :)

~Jackie, Travis, & Porshla are going to Disneyland and invited me to go...but I can't. Stupid work, but its awesome for them {its Porshla's first time...poor native Oregonians...haha}

~Three day weekends! Thank you holidays!

~Netflix for the ipod touch...yes, please! :)

~Date with the hubby favorite!

~Fast and the Furious 5 & Transformers 3...while I haven't seen them, the commercials make me very happy...I love stuff blowing up! :)

~Watching our nephews with fireworks this weekend

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Guess who's headed to Disneyland after all?! Yup! The hubs surprised me, so I am headed down tonight! :) WOo!