Thursday, July 07, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Guess what time it is?! You are so smart!! Its time for another...


~The Hubs took some  Benadryl for his allergies and got up really early in the morning because he couldn't sleep {lack of air to the lungs can do that to a person}. I got up and was in the bathroom getting ready for work {brushin' my teeth}and I guess he heard the water and thought that someone had come over. He did his "telephone answering voice" and said, "hello." I didn't reply because I thought someone had called him. After I finished brushing my teeth I turned to leave and there he was, blocking the door. He was just staring at me. I wasn't really sure what was going on, so I just said, "hi." He looked at me and said, "Hi. Why are you here?" I was completely confused. I was trying to figure out why he would ask me that. So, I told him that I was getting ready for work to which he replied, "but its not lunch time." I just looked at him and slowly said, "riiiiggghhht." Then I guess it all clicked because then he figured everything out. It was so weird! Moral of the story...hubby is only allowed to take one Benadryl at a time...two messes with his brain.

~Last week I got a little ahead of myself and was wishing everyone a happy Friday because I forgot that it was only Thursday. It definitely throws people off and then makes them sad that they have a whole day to go before they are free!

~Not wanting to prance around the beach in a swimsuit {bleh}, I decided to wear a dress over it. We got into the water and as the waves would come I would lift the dress up a little bit, so that it didn't get wet. This would have been a perfect plan had a huge wave not come and completely soaked me. Also, defeated the purpose...every time a wave that looked big would come towards me, I would lift my dress all the way up to try to keep it from getting wet...eventually the talked me into just sucking it up and wearing the swimsuit and leaving the dress with the towels. Probably a good idea.


~The hubs surprising me and sending me to Disneyland/LA with Jackie, Travis, & {our other friend} Porshla! 

~My boss saying "no" that I couldn't go to Disneyland since it was super short notice {literally the day before}, but that didn't stop me. She said no and I just kept talking...and the "no" turned into a "yes"! Woo!

~Getting really sunburned {par for the course for me} and actually having it turn into a tan {not normal}! Beach days are great!

~Not having to stand in any line at Disneyland for more than 20 minutes {we averaged about 10-15 minutes}

~Coming back to Oregon and having it be warm here as well!

~Leaving for Washington tomorrow for camping and diving with the Hubs, Jackie, & Travis. Husband and friends...makes for a great weekend!

I had a blast!! :) Thanks sweetheart for sending to California and for my friends letting me tag a long! :)