Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Special Little Place I Call Home

First, can I just say, what the heck happened to my happiness that is sunshine? The rain kicked it's sunny little butt right out of my part of Oregon. That little stinker!

Okay, I am going to let you into the mind of Natalie. Its a special place where I can live happy, carefree, and a tad {ahem, or more} naively. Its where things just make sense to me in a completely different way than to everyone else. The wrong way, I suppose you could say. You see, I have this tendency to misunderstand things that people say or think that I have a song meaning all figured out, only to find out that I am so far off that its kind of hysterical. 

I find it really funny {and a bit sad} that my small group of high school girls know what is actually being said in a song, but then you have me over here just singing my little heart out without the slightest idea of what I am actually singing about. I get texts from students telling me that I can't watch certain shows or listen to specific artists because they don't want me corrupted. Isn't that a bit backwards?! I love that they care about me enough to want to protect me from that sort of stuff, but at the same time I can't help but laugh because its just funny!

This weekend, for example, someone had Britney Spears' song, Hold it against me, stuck in their head. Needless to say I heard that song a lot. I thought I had it figured out too. I was so proud of myself! The part of the song that goes, "Cause you feel like paradise, I need a vacation tonight, So if I said I want your body now Would you hold it against me" and lets just say that I thought the song was referring to holding a grudge or something like it. When I was telling that to a friend they laughed and then explained what it actually meant. Turned out that I was singing a different song entirely.

So, my question to you is, how do you figure stuff like that out?