Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


~Bats-story to come on Tuesday

~Walking down the hall at work and when you look up there is a guy staring at you. You give the half  "cuz you caught me off guard and its kinda weird" smile and then try to act really busy, which I failed at by the way.

~Walking into your house at night, not being able to turn on a light because Hubby moved the one that can be turned on by the switch, and then realizing that there is someone in your house! We had friends over last night to watch Harry Potter 7 part 1 and they got to our house before I did. They also have the code to get into the house {so, don't worry. They didn't break in. :) }. When I walked into the house it was pitch black and two of the guys had turned the couch so that it was facing the door and just sat there in the dark. Lucky for me {and probably them} I am not a screamer. They are little stinkers though and seemed quite pleased with themselves. So what did we do? Turned the lights all back off and waiting for the next poor souls to walk into the house. :) hehe!


~Harry Potter 7 part 2 tonight!! :) SO STINKIN' EXCITED!!!

~ Summer camp this weekend! The last ones before all of my girls graduate!

~ Dinner and S'mores this week with the niece and nephews

~Date night with my Hubby