Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holy Smokes, Batman!

I was over at Jackie & Travis' house {we be peeps like that} the other day hanging out. Travis and I decided to watch a movie {The Recruit. Ever seen it? Colin Ferrell...nuf said}. We were watching the movie when Travis suddenly pulled my head down and covered it! At this point I wasn't really sure what was going on {he was hungry and acts weird when he's hungry, so I figured he'd lost his mind for a second}. Then he said, "Natalie, there's a bat." I started cracking up, totally thinking that he was joking. He wasn't.

The next thing I know he jumped up, grabbed a helmet, and then he, along with his dog, started chasing the bat around the house. I was still sitting on the floor with my hands covering my head while pure chaos ensued. Travis was trying to hit the bat with the helmet, while the dog was trying to rip it apart with its teeth. The dog was running everywhere and jumping all over the place {on me a couple of times}. All the while I was sitting there on the floor making the occasional shrieking noise {don't judge!}. I looked up a couple of times, but learned that was not what I wanted to do. Every time I did, that stinkin' bat would fly lower over my head!

Eventually, Travis got it back outside where it belonged. I just sat there completely stunned. I had never seen a real bat before. Travis then told me that they were everywhere at his house. I look horrified {because I was!} and then he proceeded to tell me that they were in the trees at my house as well. My house!! Then Jackie told me that they were everywhere here in Oregon! Oh dear...I've seen the movies. I know what that means!

I drove home, parked the car, and booked it into the house {now that I knew they were in my trees I felt the need to run into the house or start getting home before dark!}! I ran into the house and started telling the Hubs {and the high school students that were there} all about the "bat" incident. Then I told him about the bats at our house, to which he responded, "I know." I know?! What the heck?! Then I told him how Jackie said they were everywhere here and one of the students leaned forward and said, "they are everywhere here. You live in Oregon. How could you not know this?" Apparently, I was the only one unaware of the bat problem in Oregon. Eww. Remember that bubble that I live in? Totally infested with bats now.

Have you ever seen a real bat?