Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


~Not blogging consistently this week...bad blogger! :(

~Driving down the road and turning left onto a road that they are doing construction on and having your brain tell you that you can't actually turn down that road {when in reality, you can!}, so you swerve, go around a car, and drive down the wrong side of the road headed in the wrong direction. You just don't make this stuff up folks. Welcome to my life! :)

~Finding out that the place I grew up has bats there as well! How did I not know this?!

~Not being able to stay for the rest of summer camp because you have to work...and then getting home and being completely sick...that you stayed home for two days...


~Summer Camp-even if I was only able to stay overnight

~Frozen yogurt dates with friends

~TOMS in the mail that you didn't even have to pay for, but won! 

~Making it to camp and back without bears this time around!

~Date night with the Hubs {even if I had to postpone it until next week because I was sick and no fun}.

~Finally uploading some pics off of my camera...only took me a couple months! :)

What about you? Go ahead and share! :)