Thursday, August 04, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Another week, another batch of Awkward and {hopefully} Awesome stories to tell....


~Watching Soul Surfer {you know...the movie about a surfer who's arm gets bit off by a SHARK?} days before you are supposed to go scuba diving...Hubby thinks I'm I am freaked out about going back in the water...

~Dear People who drive the posted speed limit or below it,
 I'm sorry, but ya'll drive me crazy! :)
The Speed Demon who is determined to make it to work in 9 minutes and 34 seconds {yes, really}

~Painting your nails and then when you get finished you look at them and think, "man I am terrible. This looks awful." Then the next day you realize its because you forgot the top coat that makes them all glossy and pretty. And here you had been walking around with sub-parr painted toes. :/

~Losing both your earrings and not even knowing how it happened...then finding one and wondering how it even made it to your bedroom.

~Dreaming about Pinterest...its just sad. I love Pinterest,don't get me wrong, but dream about it? Really?? The worst part? I haven't used it in quite some, it just makes it kind of weird.


~Top coat nail polish for all of your un-glossy toes woes {like how that rhymed?}

~My new jean jacket-new favorite thing...well, that and my red shoes

~Going to Washington for camping and diving this weekend with the Hubs

~Coming back from Washington and having your best friend back in town from her trip

~Watching past So You Think You Can Dance routines with some amazing girls!

~T.V./movie dates with girlfriends

~Lunch at home dates with the Hubs

Go ahead...spill! What are you Awkward & Awesome's from this week??