Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Never Give Up...One Day it Will Happen

Kittens! Sweet, adorable, precious, kittens! 

I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan of kittens. I have always wanted one. I had one for about 8 months when I was in high school {best 8 months.ever.}, but then the parents got rid of my precious Patches {Daddy, I'm talkin' to you}. ;)


My Hubby knows how much I want a kitten, but he is convinced that what I really want is a small dog. His mom has an adorable Teacup Pomeranian, Lexi, and I love her! She has the cutest personality. I think the reason I like her the most is because she reminds me of a cat {poor, cute puppy}. He might be right, but there is something about a kitten that draws me in {it might be that they don't eat their own poo...that I know of}.

Its been a little bit since I asked for a kitten. I have been working on my "sad eyes," so that I can have optimum asking "power" when asking for said kitten. So, I asked and I used these eyes with this picture:

Would you give me a kitten if I asked with this face? I know I would give me one {partly because then I would have a kitten...finally!}. Yeah well, he said no. I don't even think he had to think about it. So, he got this look right after:

This is my "whaaaat? Really? No kitten? I'm hurt!" face. You would think between the two I could have at least scored a hamster or something, but no. I got a whole lot of nothing.

Don't worry. I am not giving up just yet. He can try to convince me what we need is a puppy, but I am holding out hope that one day, ah one day, I will get my very own kitten. :)

Do you have pets? Are you a dog or cat person? What are some things you wish you knew before getting your pet?