Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Sometimes I feel like my mind thinks that I haven't done enough awkward things and so it "helps" me out by having me do some weird stuff...its a little long, but I think its worth the read. ;) 


~Going into your boss' office to have her explain what she wants done on a spreadsheet. While you are there she double checks her numbers and you look down at your newly painted toes. Suddenly you lean down and stay there {to get a closer look}. You are down there for a decent amount of time when your boss finally says, "Natalie! What is it?" It wasn't until then that you realized that she thought you had found some critter or something. You look up to her and sheepishly explain that one foot has waaaay more glitter on the toes than the other. Being the great boss that she is...she just laughs at you. :)

~Running out of your favorite body spray *sniff* {vanilla}, so you use one of your other ones {cherry blossom} only to realize that the smell of it is too strong for your very sensative nose {strong smells give me migraines}. It's bad when you cannot wait to take a shower just to get rid of the overwhelming strong scent. Time for a new back-up scent...and someone bring me more vanilla! ;)

~I'm not sure how you carry your groceries into your home, but my philosophy has always been, if I can carry it all at one time and make one trip, done! I tend to load up one arm with as many bags as I can fit and carry at one time and make one trip only. The other day I did my normal thing. I loaded up my arm with, I don't know, at least 8 bags and carried them up stairs. I had to go back down for soda and my bananas. As I was walking across the drive way I heard this guy singing, "here she comes, the Grocery Queen!" I looked around, but didn't see who it was. I walked into the house with the last of my groceries and yelled, "Jackie!! That was SO awkward!!" Who sings at their neighbors?!

~I do the banking for my work sometimes. Normally I don't have to go inside unless its urgent, so I typically just use the night drop. On Tuesday I took the banking and drove up to the night drop and dropped out deposit bag in the slot thing. Apparently I didn't have my timing wrong because I got the bag stuck in the pull down drop box. I pushed and pulled and poked at the bag, but it wouldn't budge. I got back in my car and for a split second thought about driving away. I was so embarrassed and didn't want to have to walk into the bank to tell them what happened. I sucked it up, parked my car, and did the walk of shame into the bank. Of course I was the only customer in there, so all eyes were on me. I sheepishly grinned at them and said, "soooo...I got my bag stuck outside." One lady gave me the look of death, like I had purposely done this. The other lady was a lot nicer about the whole thing. It took like 10 minutes with three of us pushing and pulling, grunting, and sacrificing my pen, but we finally got the bag to drop into the box. I never want to go back in there again, but I know that isn't reality. lol :)

~Walking into Lowe's or Home Depot. I am always waiting for them to kick me out because they know that I have no clue what I am doing as I walk around looking lost and confused. As soon as I walk in my mind starts screaming at me, " you don't belong!!!!!" Yeah, definitely not my kind of store...and usually the way I am dressed screams that too. :)

~Spray painting. Its a lot harder than it seems. It also goes on your skin really easy, but no amount of scrubbing will get it off. I look ridiculous! Although, I do have to say that I gave the Cullen's a run for their money last night...I was quite sparkly! :) I was spray painting my bulletin boards so that they will be finished in time for tomorrows post. Let me tell you, I am the worst tapper-offer. Ever. It took me a half an hour to tape off two bulletin boards. And one of them is super small. So, if you need someone to help tape off stuff before you paint...don't call me. :)


~Spending time with the family this weekend while the Hub's dives the coast aquarium

~Not diving the aquarium with the Hubs. He asked and I said no... :) Who's happy?? This girl!! :)

~Spending time with the best friend now that she is back home

~Jamba date with one of my high school girls and getting to know her better

~My last Sunday as a pre-school Sunday school teacher {this is both awesome and sad}

~The fact that tomorrow is Friday. Can.not.wait. :)

~Watching Netflix on my Ipod Touch!

~My trip to Ikea last weekend. :) So much fun!!

~Not getting attacked by Jackie's goat last night...he was too busy trying to climb a tree {at least that's what it looked like}

What are your awkwards and awesomes from this week?? :) Share, share, share! :)