Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Its finally Thursday!! Hooray! One day left in the week...and its time for...


~Automatic doors at stores. You know the ones that are "technically" supposed to open by the time you reach them, but then they kind a don't, so you have to do that weird half stop thing while you wait for it to remember its job and open?

~Buying pens. Believe it people! I bought some pens that I was super excited about on my lunch on Friday {yes, I waste no time working on the next week's Awkward & Awesome post}. When I got back to work, I was just starting to open the package when I saw it! Black ink! Fooled again!! I really need to learn to read the package and not get too caught up with the color of the pens! Frankly, I think that whatever color the pen looks like, the ink should match. Just sayin'. Sadly, I have to make another trip to the store to return the evil black inked pens. Hopefully I can find pretty ones with pretty ink colors. I should also throw it out there that I do NOT write with black ink. At work, all of my ink pens are blue. Sorry, but I am a blue ink kinda girl! :)

~You know when you have to pee so bad and you are stuck in a vehicle and everyone is driving super slow and you are trying to drive really fast so that you can make it to a bathroom before something unspeakable happens?? Yeah, me neither.

~So, I thought I killed a squirrel. I really like squirrels. I think they are adorable and if I could, I would have one as a pet. Imagine my horror when a cute little squirrel went frolicking across the street. The very same street that I was flying down. I squeaked and yelled for the squirrel to run faster, but I know my car went over it. I got all shaky and had an extreme case of guilt. And then I kind of cried. I really like squirrels.

~Using an entire can of spray paint on two bulletin boards trim...yeah, I have no idea what I am doing

~Showing up at the bowling alley with your super cute rolley bag with your bowling shoes in it, only to find out that you can't actually bowl because its a league night. Then having to do the bowling walk of shame back out of the building with your rolley bag in tow.


~Double date night with friends and teaching them a new board game

~Deciding on the color I want to dye my hair {yes, I did just change it, but I want to do it again!}!

~Swimming at the aquatic center with friends! Even if the water was cold it was still a ton of fun! I want to go again before the summer is over!

~Having my last Sunday as a Sunday school teacher. It was a little sad for me, but my time as a teacher at church has been amazing!!

~Watching the Hubs dive in the coast aquarium. He's so sexy!

~Hanging out with my nephew. He's super cute!

~California vacation! Its in a week, people! :) Super excited to spend time with the fam and friends...and meeting up with a very special {to me} blogger! :)