Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward & Awesome-Squirrel Edition

Hello!! Welcome to my first Awkward & Awesome since being back from vacation!!

~I love squirrels. I think they are really cute and I get really excited when I see one. I was driving on a busy road headed over to pick up a friend when a squirrel decided 5pm was a fantastic time to try and cross the street. The squirrel ran in front of my car, made it to the next lane, saw a huge SUV and I guess figured it would fare better against my car instead. Unfortunately for it, it didn't. I saw the poor squirreturn around and head back towards my car. I slammed on my breaks {yes, I break for squirrels and other small critters} and yelled! I thought I felt my car run over some little bump, but I wasn't sure. I looked in my rear-view mirror and there it was. Its fluffy little tail was sticking straight up in the air and its little body was curled in a ball. I knew it was dead. I cried a little, mourning its death. My friend said that it was in squirrel heaven, but I knew better. It was lying dead on a busy road in Oregon because I was a squirrel killer. I just knew that the other little squirrels were going to know what I did and start leaving us hate nuts on our door step. I am now keeping my eyes open for squirrel retaliation.

~While we were at Morrow Rock scoping out a good dive spot, I noticed that there were TONS of squirrels. TONS! They are used to people, so they literally walk right up to you. As we were walking around I was apologizing to them for killing one of their "people." My Dad looked at me and said, "are you really apologizing?" I said, "heck yes I am! There are way more of them than there are of us!!" I kept all of my fingers and toes, so I am thinking it worked. See?? Apologies go a long way...even if its to a squirrel.

~Do you ever find yourself yelling, "Run! I'm a killer, I'm a killer!!" to squirrels trying to cross the 

street? I do. Yep. True story.

~Throwing up in your mouth {twice...and ewww} on the long car ride from California back home to Oregon. My little stinker of a nephew got me sick. Good thing he's cute!

~Coming back from vacation only to be sick at home for a week



~California sunshine {even if I wanted to melt}

~Seeing all of the sea animals right outside our beach house

~Youth group starting back up and seeing all of my girls!

~My nephew calling Morrow Rock, Moron Rock

~Coming home to find out that you had been missed :)

Okay, so lets hear 'em! What amazingly awkward and awesome things have you done?