Saturday, September 03, 2011

Guest Post: Much Love, illy

Okay, so this girl, Ilene, from Much Love, Illy, is probably one of the funnest bloggers that I "know." She is crazy talented, super cute, and oh-so silly! I love reading her blog {and I've won a book from  her as well...thanks again!!}.  She has a fun style that is all her own! I love that about her! Thank you, Ilene for taking the time to come over here! Take it away!

My name is Ilene and I hail from the blog, Much Love, illy. When I'm not blogging, you can find me over at my etsy shop. Please stop by - I'd love to meet Natalie's friends! I also have a mad love for movies, mission work in the Philippines, my fiance (Ryan) and coffee. 
And yes, I am rather random.

as you can already tell by many of my latest outfit posts over at my blog, i've been slowly transitioning into mega autumn mode. i'm still in love with the bright colors of summer and plan to bring those over into fall with me (and if you know me, i am a huge fan of the big and the bright, bold colors of the rainbow), yet lately, i've found myself drawn to the rustic, warm colors of autumn. a raise of hands, pls? am i alone in this? 

oh, yes. i see that hand. and yes, that hand over there.
thank you. i'm not alone.

1. layers
 the one look that i adore but sadly cannot rock out too in the hot, humid days of summah-time are layers. i cannot wait to pile on the sweaters, the leggings and the scarves - one after the other. it's just such a fun, thrown together look. love it.

2. tights
like i've already mentioned, this chick digs color - and what other fun way to add that pop of color to an outfit. crazy, colored tights! and my collection is pretty massive, so name a color, i most likely have it. 
3.  neon colors
totally not planning to kick these colors from summer out of my wardrobe. A) i don't have the money to replace what i would throw out and B) do i need to mention my color-obsession again? oops. already did.

4. a certain movie coming out November
do not judge. i cannot wait for it. and that's all i will say about it. 
oh, except for: Edward. i love thee.

 what are you looking forward to most this fall?

Natalie, thanks so much for having me! Hope you are having fun on your vacation!

[much love, illy.]