Friday, September 02, 2011

Guest Post: A Good Reed

L {she doesn't use her name, just her initial} from, A Good Reed, is one of the most amazing women that I know! She is my real life friend and fellow frozen yogurt lover! She has the most amazing sense of style and she's stinkin' gorgeous! She is new to blogging, but  she's a pro already! I am super excited to have her here while I am on vacation! Thanks L...take it away!

I am SO honored to be doing a guest post for one of my favorite blogs ever {!!!},
Blonde at Heart.
I'll be honest, I felt some major pressure to do an awesome post.
It's kind of like when someone gives an amazing speech at a wedding and you're the next person to speak - how do you top that?!   [anyone?!  No, ok].  So, here it goes...
Re-using random stuff around your house or making practical use out of old stuff has a fancy name:  Re-nesting.  Here are some ideas of ways to re-nest old shutters . . .

Re-nesting:  shutters | 8 ways to re-use old shutters [or buy some at a thrift store & put to good use]

# 1 organize your mail .

#2 paint a bright color to bring life to any room, and put on a shelf with a cute quote like this one

#3 use them as a cheap headboard

#4 add height to a bookshelf display

#5 use as a backdrop for a wreath

#6 decorations for a wedding [seating chart or guest book sign in]

#7 hang pictures

#7  provide a cute disguise for all your lists, notes, etc.

#8 refinish, add a frame, and personalize it with a monogram letter


Thanks for reading!