Thursday, October 06, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Good morning! Welcome to another...


~Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing your hubby just staring at you. You stare back and say "hi." He then asks you if you are okay, which you find confusing because a minute ago you were fast asleep. So you say yes and then he proceeds to tell you that you were grinding your teeth again...something you only do when you are really stressed out. Now if only you could figure out what stressed you out...

~The Hubs and I were chatting and he started talking about Rob Zombie. I had never heard of the guy {still have no idea who it is}, but his name sounded ridiculous, so I asked the Hubs if Rob changed his last name to Zombie. He said, "Yes sweetheart. He was not born a zombie." Soooo not what I meant. Stinker.

~Almost passing out before work on Tuesday and having to have your friend stay with you so that you hubby could go to work.

~Calling a tire place and having to ask questions that you don't really know what the answers are. Then having the guy talk so fast and mumble that you can't understand anything he says. Then he asks you a question and you just say, "thanks!" He asks you again because "thanks" isn't an answer that goes with the question, but you still didin't catch the question, so you say "thanks" again and then hang up really fast. Its not my fault. I don't speak car. If you don't enunciate, don't be surprised that this girl has no idea what you are talking about.


~On our last anniversary the Hubs bought me a new wedding ring {he never liked the one he proposed to me with}, but it was too big so I finally gave it back to him to get it sized. I went back to wearing my original wedding ring. The other day he noticed that I wasn't wearing it and asked me where it was. I told him that I couldn't wear it because it was getting in the way of my video game {Mario}. He just looked at me and smiled. He said he'd never been more proud of me than he was right then. That's right...marry a geek {he's a self proclaimed geek...and he's all mine!} and they are proud of you when you do anything regarding video games!

~Staying the weekend at Jackie's house while the Hub's is in Washington for the weekend! :)

~Bible study tonight

~a semi-date with the hubs before he leaves for the weekend

~getting the hang of the timer on my camera

Okay, spill it folks! What are your awesome and awkwards from the week?