Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Good morning and welcome to...


~Going to the movies and being almost {ahem} 30 years old and getting carded for an R rated movie. Then your friend who is 5 years younger doesn't get carded at all. Yes, this also will fall under awesome, but I was shocked that I was carded for a movie. A movie people! lol

~Telling the Hubs that I thought I needed a tripod so that I could have pics taken of my outfits since he's been working so much.. Then I asked if my camera had a timer. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. Apparently timers are pretty standard with cameras. Who knew? I looked the night before and couldn't find the stinkin' thing. Yeah, it was there right in front of my face. He showed me the "universal timer button icon" I know. :) Hubby also showed me where to set my camera up at and how to use the timer. Hopefully this means I will have more pics on my Wednesday posts. :)

~Trying to use the timer on my camera by myself. Ten minutes later, finally figuring out how to use the thing. Then taking pictures only to realize that yup, still just as awkward posing when I am alone. I had such high hopes.

~Being at work when the Hubs call and tell me that he couldn't get ten days off in December for our trip to Paris. Then having to sit there and fight the onslaught of tears because its looking like your dream trip to Paris is shot. Then, after lots of texting and phone calls, figuring out that we can still go! Now instead of going to Paris for Christmas, we will be in Paris for New Years and my birthday! :)


~Being almost {ahem} 30 and getting carded for an R rated movie
~Celebrating my best friend's birthday with her this week...she's pretty awesome. So glad that she was born!
~Coming home for lunch with the Hubby to find a sandwich already made...mmmm. Stuff made with love always tastes so much better!
~My co-worker getting engaged! Congrats Carly!! :)
~Getting to level 95 in Bubble Blast arcade mode on my ipod...yeah...its a game and yes, I was beyond excited!
~The Hubs rubbing my back because I couldn't sleep. He's so sweet to me. :)
~Figuring out our trip to Paris...and being there for my 30th birthday! :)