Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!

Why hello!! :) Its Thursday!! Hooray! We made it! Not only is it the day before the weekend starts, but its also...


~Going to a tire store with your guy friend because he speaks "car" and then having the guy behind the counter ask you questions that you don't know the answers to. So rather than saying "I'm not sure" or "what do you suggest" you just stare at the computer screen then at the guy behind the counter and then at your friend with huge "I'm confused" eyes. Luckily he speaks "Natalie" and jumped on in and helped a girl out! :)

~Getting hit with a dizzy spell out of nowhere and flailing your arms around like a crazy person because you are trying to catch your balance, but no one around you knows what's going on and you just end up looking like you are losing your mind.

~Almost passing out at work. I have decided that it would not be an ideal location...home. Yes, home would be a much better place.

~Wearing lace tights in the rain. Although it looks awesome your legs get really wet like you are just wearing shorts or something. Then trying to dry yourself off a little bit always looks weird.

~Walking into a frozen yogurt shop and waiting for your friend that you are meeting to show up, but then you end up waiting twenty minutes {its ok, I still love you!! :) } looking a little pathetic just sitting there alone. Then you try to find something to make you look busy and less like you got stood up :)


~Staying at a friend's house while the hubby is out of state playing in the little scuba diver :)

~New Girl the new tv show that is on. I have said it before, but I love that show. It cracks me up like nothing else!

~The Sing-Off...yes, its pretty amazing!

~The Hubs birthday that was on Monday...birthdays are awesome!

~My Mom's birthday that was yesterday...Happy birthday, Mom!! You are awesome!!

What are your awesome and awkward  moments from the week?