Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Its that know the one where I tell you all the dumb things that I did during the week?? Yeah, that one! Okay, here it goes...


~ On Sunday, rather than having our normal youth service, we switched things up and had the students join us in the main sanctuary {we are trying to encourage them to attend on their own so that they are better connected with the rest of the congregation}. I ended up getting to church late and all the seats were taken up front with the rest of the students. When I came in everyone was standing and greeting one another, but there were two freshmen that didn't have seats and they couldn't find their leader. I decided that I would grab them and we would sit together in the back. They found a seat and I ended up sitting  next to a guy that I didn't know. Normally its not a big deal, but after the first worship song started the girl directly next to me got up and never came back. Then when the sermon started the other girl ended up moving two more spots away from me. So, here I am, awkwardly {and a little uncomfortably} sitting next to some guy I don't know and now it looks like we are a couple because there are three seats between me and the girl that I didn't really know, but was trying to help out. I wasn't sure what to do. If I moved over a seat, would that have been more awkward than just sitting next to him? I couldn't decide, so I stuck it out and just sat next to him, but was secretly hoping that church would hurry up and end so that I could move without drawing attention to myself.

~The guy who lives on the street behind us who likes to walk his boa...totally serious. Makes me want to lock my doors when I drive by...eww.

~Being super excited about an outfit with teal tights, only to have the Hubs tell me that I look like an Orc...a cute Orc, but an Orc none-the-less.

~Feeling super cute in a fun and cute outfit, but then you get out of your car to walk up the drive way towards your house. As you are walking you step on a rock and do that weird wobble know, the one where your arms do that crazy wavy thing? Yeah. Then you keep walking once you regain control of your limbs and walk like nothing happened and no one saw...well, you hope at least.

~Walking into the bathroom at work at seeing "it"...a daddy long legged spider on the wall. You quietly and quickly contemplate if you can pee fast enough to not have to worry about it getting you, but realize that you are wearing tights. Those things are awesome, but definitely slow down the speed to which you can leave the bathroom. As you are staring at the spider you realize that its kind of like you. Long legged and completely uncoordinated. That silly thing was half walking/half falling on/off the wall. You finally come to the conclusion that the only way to pee in peace is to end its klutzy suffering by squishing it with toilet paper and quickly throwing it in the trash. So long, Spider!


~The coat my hubby bought me...and the sweet fact that he picked it out just for me...all by himself. He's so good and I am so lucky! :)

~Going to Bauman Farms this weekend to see animals, pumpkins, and all sorts of other fun fall-ish things! :)

~Hitting 800 followers this week...almost yelled in excited!

~Realizing that our Paris trip is right around the corner!!

~Our real wood burning fireplace. I haven't used it yet, but I almost can {now I just have to learn how to make a fire}

~The blue tights that I ordered!! I can't wait to get them and wear them! :)

~Coffee dates with friends

What are your awesome and awkward moments from the week? You know you wanna share {and I wanna hear}!