Thursday, October 27, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!!

So, um, sorry that I kinda disappeared this week from blogging. Monday night was really horrible for me. I had a massive migraine and nothing would touch it. Basically there were tears and lots of pain. I still had the migraine on Tuesday, and then yesterday I was so out of it because of everything that I am taking that I forgot to make a post. I do have pictures of what I I might just have to throw those up tomorrow. :)

But today its time for another round of


~Scrolling through Pinterest and coming across lingerie that you own...not something I ever talk about, but still totally awkward...even if  the Hubs and I are the only ones who know about it.

~Being in a hurry to find your phone so that you can text someone that just left your house, but not finding where you set it down at. You have your hubby call your phone and you can hear it, but can't see it. So, you have him call you three times while you tear apart the couch and the blankets on the couch...only to realize that it was in your pocket the entire time...welcome to a typical day in the life of me.

~Calling the neurologist for the third time in two days because you still haven't heard back from anyone. Then they tell you that your doctor was in the office today and so was another doctor, but no one returned my call. Being so upset on the phone {because migraines hurt} that you break down and cry...then miraculously, the doctor who "already left for the day" got on the phone to talk to you. Yay tears.

~After taking the meds that you already have for migraines that make you both dizzy and drowsy, you get a third thing to take from the Dr. "who left for the day" and it says that it "may" cause dizziness and drowsiness. You take it at a friend's house and later, as the friend was driving you home, you get really sleepy and end up falling asleep in the car. You are so out of it by the time you get home that he has to carry you up to your house. Let's face it, I have great friends. :)

~The doctor's office that you left a message for finally calls you back...three days later. This was more infuriating than awkward, but the person who called me back felt a bit awkward when I explained that I had already spoken with someone the day before...when I called back for the third time.


~Almost having all the funds raised for women's retreat!

~Going to a dark corn maze this coming weekend

~Finding my keys that I lost last weekend! I finally got to check my mail :)

~Getting meds that will hopefully cut through my migraines and allow the other meds to start working

~Having a great hubby and great friends who help take care of me when I am hurting

What awkward and awesome things did you do this week??