Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween & Still Here!

I have been a very bad blogger as of late and I apologize. Things have been crazy busy and I have had lots of migraines, which make the whole "thinking" thing painful. But I am here now! :)

I don't normally dress up for Halloween. I do, however, wear my tiara from my wedding ever year. Really. I wear it just to hand out candy to little kids. 

This was me with my nephew a couple years ago...just to prove my point

This year, however, it was decided that we would dress up for Halloween at work. I have never been one for "ugly" or "scary" costumes, but I also didn't want to spend much money on something I would wear just once. I thought about what was in my closet and decided that Audrey Hepburn would be perfect for me! I went with a classic...Breakfast at Tiffany's:

Here is what I came up with: 

and here are what some of the lovely ladies from work came up with:

 Yay for fun office days!

 Janet and myself

Melody and myself

Oh, and because they are too stinkin' cute not to share...here are my nephews {all but one} and my niece:
 Taylor looking all grown up and adorable

 Jayden being the little stud that he is

Our very own super heroes Logan & Brycen

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? What were some of your favorite costumes that you saw last night?