Thursday, November 03, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

You didn't think I would forget about today did you??


~Having pictures to post for Wednesday's "What I Wore" post, but forgetting to upload them onto the computer in time for the post. Yes, I am that bad!

~Getting ready to leave the church and trying to get your door open. You stick the key in, but it only goes in half way and feels like something is stuck. So, you try again and again, flipping the key around thinking that it might help. After about five minutes you finally look into the car and realize, yep...wrong Honda. Trying to break into someone's car in the church parking lot is probably worse than doing that anywhere else. Luckily, I think the Fed Ex guy was the only one to see my blunder.

~Having to re-ask the boss for time off for our Paris vacation...for the third time. Trying to schedule four people's schedules is complicated.

~Being so {and I mean SO} incredibly grumpy last week that you had to not only warn people before they saw you, but also had to spend a majority of this week apologizing to people. Grumpy Nat=Lots of apologies...sorry again, Hubs!

~Getting kids bubble gum from Halloween stuck to your teeth at work and not being smart enough to get it out in a timely manner. Don't judge. I am sticking to adult bubble gum from now on.

~Trying to find pumpkin puree, but not having any idea what it is and, therefore, having no idea what to look for.


~ Being sooo close to having our car paid off! Yippee!

~Still going to Paris for our vacation...super excited! :)

~Knowing that your family and friends love you despite being super emotional and crazy grumpy. Thanks guys! You're the best!

~Great conversations with the Hubs

~Going to Fright Night in Portland with fun people...and getting completely freaked out! So fun!

~Blasting Britney Spears with your girlfriend in a car full of boys and singing your hearts moves and hand motions included :) They can't hold us back!

~ Rain boots. I'm tellin' ya, they are awesome!

What was awkward and awesome about your week?