Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!

Happy Thursday! I have to say I am ready for this week to be over because I am excited for this weekend! How about you?! 


~Walking into the subway inside of Walmart and having everyone look up at the same time and stare at you. Definitely double checked my clothing to make sure something wasn't amiss.

~Trying on a skirt at Old Navy and coming out of the dressing room to ask Jackie if my skirt looked see-thru to her and finding out that yes, it indeed was incredibly see-thru and that you could see everything. Thank goodness for slips {because darn it all! It was a cute skirt and really on clearance}!

~Watching the Sind-off and having one of the groups singing a Carrie Underwood song and finally realizing that I had been singing the wrong words this whole time to the song Before He Cheats. What I thought she was saying was, "with a blue stick showing her how to shoot a combo." What she actually said was, "with a pool stick showing her how to shoot a combo." I figured since I haven't ever really been to a bar that it was some kind of alcohol drink thing. Let's just say with I get these "epiphanies" they are always in front of someone and they are always out loud. Needless to say the Hubs and Travis got a kick out of it. Yes, I have been singing it wrong for years now.

~Walking into Applebees for a date with the Hubs only to realize that 1-It was karaoke night 2-It was super loud and you couldn't hear a thing the person next to you was conversations with the Hubs were tough...and so was ordering and 3-people really take their karaoke seriously.


~Convo I had with the Hubs:
Him-"I love your new haircut. Its so sexy."
Me-"Thanks! I'm glad because I love it! How did you see it? You're still at work?"
Him-"I imagined it. Haven't seen you yet, but boy the it brings out your eyes..."
Me-"LOL thanks sweetheart!"
Him-"I love making you smile."
I am one blessed woman to have such a great man for my Hubby. :)

~Date with the Hubs last night.

~Hearing about a conversation that two people had about me on Sunday...I will try not to butcher what they said:
TF-"Our Nat is so girly today"
TW-"Yeah, she is. I do everything I can to get her dirty {i.e. being outside, changing the oil...etc.}"
TF-"Can she even get dirty?"
TW-"When she gets mud on her it just turns pink and sparkly."
It made me laugh, so I thought I would share. Oh and take that Cullens. You just sparkle, but I get pink and sparkly. Nat-1 Vampires-0

~Women's retreat that is starting tomorrow! So excited!!

~Getting a sweet card from my girlfriend in CA and a letter from her youngest daughter...just because. Made my day!

~Having your friend's kitty snuggle with you and sleep in your lap while watching a movie.

What was awkward and/or awesome about your week?!