Monday, November 14, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Its been a while, but not due to lack of awkward things...but here you go!


~Spilling mineral foundation in your car and not realizing that it also somehow managed  to get in between a strap on the back of your boot. Then walking around the office making everything "pretty" with foundation.

~Getting up in front of the entire women's retreat and having it announced {with my permission for an ice breaker. The ladies had to match an interesting fact with the right person} that I had dislocated both knees within six months of each other...while sitting down. That part wasn't too bad. It was more of the fact that people who knew me knew that the dislocated knee thing while sitting down was something that only I would do. Its true, its funny, its a little embarrassing, but hey-its stuff like that, that keeps my blog interesting, ya know?

~Having a conversation like this almost every day, "she's on her phone, would you like to hold or would you like her voicemail?" "yes, please." "um, to which one? Would you like to hold or would you like her voicemail?"

~Finding out last night just exactly what Grease is all about and what some of the lyrics in that movie mean. Oy vey!

~Learning how to chop wood. When swinging the ax for the first time closing my eyes and turning my head away from the wood only to have my "teacher" freak out and prepare to jump between me and the ax. I hit the wood and then it was explained to me that I have to keep my eyes open. Apparently this is something crucial. Who knew?


~Having a Sing-Off  watching and nail painting night with my girlie, Porshla!

~Dinner last night with friends

~Having a good conversation with one of my high school girls

~Having my desk looking very pink, lit up and ready for Christmas!

~Getting to have the first fire of the year this week!

~Finally getting my bulletin board put up at my crafting area. Now it looks more complete! Let the jewelry hanging begin!!

What was awkward or awesome about your week??