Thursday, January 05, 2012

Awkward & Awesome!

Good morning and welcome to a long time coming Awkward & Awesome post!! :) Still trying to get back into the swing of things. I might be a bit rusty, but let's give it a go anyway, shall we?


~ I have a difficult time following directions. When cooking its normal and expected that I will forget at least one step, and in some cases, forget the main ingredient in a meal. I am lucky to have such a sweet and understanding  husband who puts up with me and my quirks as well as he does. Earlier this week I came home for lunch and decided to make Easy Mac. The name in itself is quite inviting for someone like me. I mean, hello, it has "easy" in the name! It couldn't be that hard, right?! I got it all ready, threw that bad boy in the microwave, and walked away. I made it around the corner before turning around, sprinting to the microwave, threw the door open, and grabbed the container quickly. I realized I had forgotten to add water. The last time this happened {sadly, I did this the first week at my job...} I didn't realize that I forgot until there was black smoke billowing out of the microwave. Needless to say that lunch was destroyed along with the microwave. Luckily I realized my mistake in time! My husband said, "its a good thing you are beautiful because, man, you really can't make mac and cheese."

~ One of things I love most about where we live is that we have a fireplace. I am good at making fires, which just makes me extra happy. My husband decided that we didn't need to buy wood anymore for it though, but that instead we should just use cardboard because it makes a big fire and is warm really quickly. I, personally, think its ridiculous, but he is my little pyro and the joy on his face is perfect! The other day I came home to a huge amount of cardboard in the middle of the living room. I didn't realize just how serious he was. Now we have zero firewood and a plethora of cardboard. What's a girl to do??

~ As I am sure most of you have figured out, I am a girly girl. I have been painting my fingernails like a crazy person {well, that's what they look like when I am finished with 'em}. Sometimes I will paint them three different times in one week. The sad part is that, although I am painting them all the time, it seems like I am getting worse at it the more I do it. I typically look like I got into a fight with the nail polish and it beat me, badly. I have also come to realize that I really only have one color, pink. I just happen to have a gazillion different shades of it! Time to branch out!


~ Getting to spend Christmas with friends and family

~ Calling my parents on Christmas Eve and having the phone passed around to most of my relatives so that we could talk!

~ Being with my family for Thanksgiving and getting to see my nephew take his first steps at my house!

~ Babysitting our nephews and getting to hang out with them...they are so cute!

~ Trying to get my blogging back to normal

~ T-Minus 23 days until PARIS!!!

This reminds me, I am looking for some bloggers who would like to guest post for me while I am gone. If that is something that you are interested in. please email me at: 
I would love to chat with you about it! :)

So, what are your awkward and awesome moments as of late? Spill it! :)

PS-My friend, Jill over at Made it on Monday has taken her crafting skills and entered into another competition and she could use your vote! :) Voting closes tonight at 8PM!

Go HERE and vote for her! This is what she made and I am in love with it!!
Isn't it beautiful!?!