Friday, January 06, 2012

What I'm Lovin'-Friends, Family, & Birthdays!

That's right! Today I am lovin' friends, family, and birthdays! And really, who doesn't?! 

My girlfriend, Jackie decided that she wanted to have a New Years Eve party at her house this year. I was super excited because up until last year {when she took me to Seattle for my birthday} I hadn't really ever done anything for New Years Eve. The Hubs likes to stay at home, rather than be out there with all the people who have had a bit too much to drink. So, to my delight the Hubs said that he would go with me! I was super excited!

After the Hubs got off work {and I finished shopping...ahem} we were on our way to Jackie's house! When we got there I was really excited because she had a great turn out {she lives what seems like forever out of town, so sometimes people don't like driving out that far}. As we were walking up to the house, I turned to my Hubby and made a comment about how dark the house was for a place that was having a party. I thought maybe they started a movie {we were a little bit late}, but it was pretty early for that. Then I thought maybe the guys were playing some video game. I walked into the house and could hear people talking, but I wasn't really paying that much attention. After I made it down the hall, Jackie flipped on the lights and yelled "Surprise!!"

Surprise is an understatement! I had no clue that she was planning a surprise for me, especially since it wasn't my birthday yet! I was so excited that I was getting to share my birthday with so many people that I love! And it fit me perfectly! There was lots of pink going on in that house. One of my friends told me that her son had asked her if the party was for a little girl...and she told him yes. :) So cute!

A little bit later they took me to the kitchen so that they could grab my birthday present. I had to cover my eyes while they maneuvered me into the hallway. When I uncovered my eyes this is what I saw:

They all went in together to get me this bike that I fell in love with at the beginning of last year! I had no idea and was so surprised! I love it and can't wait for my bike ride with Jackie this weekend to break it in. After they gave me my adorable bike, I got to open my gift from my hubby. He bought me a Kindle!

 I have been wanting one, especially for our trip to Paris at the end of this month! I love it and think its perfect!

It was the sweetest birthday, which I was super thankful for because today is the day that I turn 30!!

I can't believe I actually just said that! Yes, the big 3-0! I have felt like throwing up all week on top of being super excited! I can't really figure out how I really feel about it. I just keep telling people that as long as people continue to think that I am younger than I actually am {my coffee girl, Glory, thought I meant 25 when I said it was "the big one." I like her!}. So, rather than trying to figure out my real feelings, I am just going to embrace it and try to enjoy it.

Thank you to all my friends and family for their sweet cards, precious gifts, and for all their love. My party was perfect and I can't wait for part two of my birthday tonight!

Which birthday did you have a tough time with?