Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward & Awesome!

Oh, I love you! Its time for me to share my awkward & awesome moments from my week. Shall we begin?


~Putting off laundry long enough that as I am switching loads (when I finally end up doing laundry) I see all the clothes I forgot I had and say to myself, "oh! I love this!" And here I was thinking that I didn't have enough cute clothes to bring to Paris...I hate doing laundry, but boy do I love clothes!

~Switching loads of laundry on your lunch break and coming home only to realize that you forgot to hit "start" on the dryer...hello wet clothing!

~Having the dryer stop working. You spend a good ten minutes trying all sorts of different things to get it to start back up, but nothing happens. Then you send out a text to your hubby and best friends telling them the dumb dryer isn't working and then it decides its time to work again. Thanks, Dryer, for making me look like an idiot.

~Having to take your glasses off at work because you can see better without them...time for a new prescription and new glasses!


~My bright pink tights I got for my birthday! They are awesome! The hostess at Applebees loved them and couldn't stop talking about 'em! Woo!

~Getting to see my girls at youth group. I love it when youth group starts back up after the holidays!

~Getting little texts from my nephew that make no sense, but it doesn't even matter because it came from him

~Pinterest...I am hooked and I love it!

~Ordering my Kindle case so that I have it for my trip

~My Hubby. He left youth group early to take me home because I had a migraine

~Orange juice. I drink it all the time. I think I am in love!

~Planning outfits out with your best friend for your trip to Paris!

~Leaving for Paris in 16 days!!!! I am just a little excited :)

Now its your turn to share your awkward and awesome events from the week! :)