Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its FINALLY here!!

My chandelier is in!! I am so excited!!

I did have quite the surprise though. I didn't just get 1 chandelier...I got two! For my birthday my parents bought me this chandelier. I received it before the one that my husband got for me for Christmas. I was really excited to have two chandeliers to choose from. The only bummer part was that the one from my parents is a plug-in. It doesn't say that at all in the description (I double checked since she picked it from my blog post in November!). I was disappointed because it was really cute in person!

Well, great news! I returned the chandelier and got this little beauty!
Yes, I am now a proud, albeit confused, sewing machine owner! I am so excited that I was able to get the two things that I was wanting. I will have to post some pictures when we get the chandelier up and shining! :)
I have started to "learn" how to sew. I was a little frustrated last night. I used straight pins to help with the ribbon...and they are tricky little guys. I thought I was doing sew ;) well and when I stopped to take a look at it all the pins were out and the ribbon was in the middle of the fabric. To say I was frustrated is a little bit of an understatement. I decided (since I don't have a seam ripper yet) to just set it aside for the night. I will tackle it tonight and hope for better results. I told my husband that I was hoping that I would take to sewing like it was breathing...apparently that is not going to happen. I have some great friends who are going to help me out on my sewing endeavors! :)

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