Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Surprise Revealed

So, after a couple of months of wondering, the day has come and gone! What was the surprise you might ask? Let me tell you!
First, we got all dolled up and got ready for anything. The first part of the surprise was dinner at Roadhouse Grill. Considering how dressed up we were, the girls thought it was comical that we went to dinner at a place that throws peanuts on the floor! Seriously though, its one of my favorite restaurants, so I had a lot of fun. We finished up our dinner and started driving towards an undisclosed location. As we turned off the road I knew just where we were! I turned to my hubby and asked him, "Are we going the The Grind?" The Grind is my favorite coffee shop hang out. The high school students that were part of the planning committee had turned my fave coffee shop into a high school prom! It was so cute! There were two "bouncers" who took their job/role very seriously-think Men In Black. They pulled out all the stops. There was a smoke machine, lights, music, a disco ball (high schoolers have no idea what a disco is...they dressed 80's! It was cute), and more. I got to dance the night away with the love of my life. And to top it all off we all voted for "Prom King & Queen" and out of the 5 couples, we won! :) I am going to keep my tiara next to my wedding tiara. I might just start up a collection.

Needless to say, he was right. I never would have figured out what he had planned. I had a great night. I really am blessed to have a husband who would go to such lengths to surprise me. :)

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