Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse-Yes, I am Going There!

So very tired today.

Yesterday at about 4pm I sent a text to my hubby asking what he thought about going to see the Eclipse premier. I know, who does that? Why would some one wait until almost the last possible moment (I say almost because there people actually trying to buy tickets an hour before the movie!) to see the biggest movie of the entire summer? Because that's the way my mind works. :) hehe!

I am a big fan of the books. Not such a fan of the first movie. The second movie was an improvement (not that it took a whole lot to accomplish that), but I have to say, the third movie is the best by far. They did this thing called "acting," which they hadn't really done in the first two movies. I have to say that I really enjoyed the movie last night. My husband enjoyed it as well. He's read the books, but isn't really a "fan" of either the books or the movies. :) I am looking forward to the next movie coming out next fall.

Know what I am looking forward to more than Breaking Dawn?? The first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! SO EXCITED!! They showed a preview for it last night. That alone made Eclipse worth it!

Are you a Twilight fan? What are your thoughts on the movies or books?

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