Monday, July 12, 2010

Better Than A Blog Award

Is it possible? Is there really anything better than a blog award? Believe it or not, there is. Let me explain.

On my way home today I got a text from one of my high school students. She said that she was considering starting a blog.

This surprised me because on Friday I had my girls over for a slumber party and they seemed shocked when I told them that I blog. Why? No clue. I just leave it at they are high school students and sometimes I just can't figure out how their minds work. That's okay though. It keeps things interesting.

Back to me being surprised-I asked what made her think about starting a blog. She told me that she read mine. :) It made my day. :) To have her come to my blog, read it, and then consider starting one of her own made me think/feel two things:

1. my blog can't be that bad if she read it and wasn't completely turned off to the blogger-verse. ;)

2. It made me feel pretty special. She remembered something that I had mentioned and it stuck with her enough to check into it several days later. Pretty cool. :)

I know she was kind of leery of starting one. She felt that if she did she was committed. Even if she doesn't start one, I still feel honored that she would look at mine and consider making one for her. :)

Has anyone ever done something that made you feel super special, even if it wasn't something major? :)

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