Monday, July 12, 2010

miscellany monday

just found out about this really neat blog hop from hollywood chic. click on the button to add your blog. you use all lowercase and list random thoughts from 6 categories. everyone can do this! i encourage you to join in the fun and make your monday interesting! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1- church
 had a car wash for the high school students I work with on saturday. my feet are sun-tanned and my legs are bright white. tell me, how does that work? i look ridiculous.

2- nature
 not sure what it is about me that attracts yucky bugs, but i feel like i was attacked all weekend. leave me alone bugs!

3- fashion
i have pink flip flops from old navy that match my nail polish. just sayin'.

4- normal day to day stuff
grocery shopping is overrated. its expensive and you have to do it like every week. i would rather buy shoes or clothes. this is why i'm not allowed to do the grocery shopping anymore.

5- sleep
my weekend was so jam-packed with events that i think i need a weekend from my weekend. sleep is for the weak. just give me caffeine. :)

6- love of my life
tonight my hubby works an overnight shift. this means no sleep and harry potter movies all night. i say, bring it on! 


Judy said...

Hi! thanks for visiting my blog and following. Im now following you back.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for joining in!!! i know you are rockin those pink flops with your pink toes! enjoy your sleepless night! ; )