Monday, July 12, 2010

I Married a Crazy (but totally handsome) Man!

My summer is packed. I literally have one Saturday free this entire summer. So, when my hubby asked what I was doing  the third Saturday in August I ran to my planner to see if it was taken or not. It was free. I was excited! Here my hubby who never plans much was asking me about a Saturday that we both would have off. I mean who wouldn't want to spend the day with their significant other. Just the two of you, hanging out, maybe at the beach, just for fun.

Imagine my disappointment when he tells me that he wants to go to Newport, OR (the coast) to dive with sharks. Ya heard me...SHARKS!! I looked at him, my eyes went huge, and I think I started hyperventilate a little bit. I ended up having to go sit down. He then tells me its okay. Don't freak out. You don't have to come with me. Darn stinkin' right I don't! Sharks EAT people! I may be dumb (well, for a lot of things I'm sure, but I'm mostly talking about the scuba cert thing here), but I'm not crazy(mostly)!

I guess at the aquarium in Newport you can dive (in a cage...yeah, he totally left that part out until later) in the shark tank for a little bit. Then they let you swim around the rest of the aquarium. Its $40. So, if you are insane and like the idea of caging yourself in for the sharks to have their choice of which yummy human they want for dinner, then its a pretty good deal.

My husband being the sweet man he is told me that I could be on the other side of the glass (where the normal people go) and take pictures of him. That part didn't scare me quite so much. I think I can live with taking a few pictures.

So, now I have plans the third Saturday of August. I have a date with my husband, who has a date with some sharks. As long as the sharks know that he leaves with me, we should all be good. :)

(I was looking at pictures of sharks to put up here, because who doesn't like pictures? Yeah, stupid idea. I saw pictures of sharks and freaked myself out...and then I found a picture of a basking shark. I kid you not, my heart for this post at least, no pictures.. My poor heart can't take it! :) )

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