Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clean Cars & Sunburns

Our car wash was a pretty huge success! It was five (very dirty) hours of cleaning vehicles. The students cracked me up with some of the things they came up with when there was a lull.

My poor skin hasn't seen that much sun for that length of time in a VERY long time. Needless to say, I am sunburned. I hurt. I seriously got sunburned behind my knees...its truly the weirdest (and most painful) thing. No other part of my legs look like the sun even touched them! Its just bright red in that one spot on both of my legs. I honestly look ridiculous, but I just figure I took one for the team. :) And, really, it was definitely worth it.

After the car wash 10 (out of 18) of us went out for pizza. After that we went to McDonald's for dessert (we had $16 left on us all, so we dollar menued it up!). It was a great way to end our sun, water, and dirt filled day.

A special thank you to everyone who brought their cars to us (dirty or clean). We were able to get a lot of students to camp because of you! :)

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