Saturday, July 10, 2010

On the Phone and in Person

Do you talk with your hands? Even when you are the phone? I most definitely do. I mean, I always knew that I moved around and was expressive with my face and my flailing limbs, but I think I forgot that I do it while on the phone as well.

While at work I was on the phone with a possible tenant and I was trying to explain to her how voicemail is not a phone number (I get this a lot) and as I was explaining it I realized that I was using my hands to express that even more. lol

Earlier in the day I was trying to reassure someone about something (its been a long, hectic day with all the crazies calling...something about Fridays!), and again, I was using my hands. As I was doing this I was also making different facial expressions. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder about myself. hehe! Maybe I am nicer or feel like I am doing more to explain something if I am waving my arms around like a mad woman. Who knows. :)

Do you do stuff like this? What are some other things that you do that would be normal if you were face to face, but that you still do over the phone?