Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Bit of Weird, But a Lot of Love

***Here is my disclaimer-these girls are goofy and love making faces in pictures. Therefore, being their totally awesome and just as fun and goofy leader, I have to make them as well. It gets ugly, but I saved you from the worst ones (hard to believe, but its true)***

I made a short post when I came back from camp about how great camp was. Now that camp is over here is what I can share with you:
~At least 15 students came to know the Lord at camp (woo hoo!!). 
~We now have two students on crutches and one on antibiotics-what's camp without a little pain or injury to show for it?! :)
~Everyone survived both days of white water rafting!
~No one got left at camp :)

Now for a little picture recap of camp:

On a more serious note: these are some amazing girls! To be able to see the way that they have grown, they way they listen to the speaker, to watch them worship with all their hearts, to see them love and encourage each other is something really special. They are such huge blessings in my life. I love being a part of theirs.

God worked in so many lives this past week. There were students who wanted absolutely nothing to do with God one day and the next on their knees crying and receiving Christ. Amazing! The only bummer part, for me, is that I couldn't stay the whole week. 

I am so proud of these girls. They shared their hearts, supported, and prayed for each other. If this camp is any indicator as to what this new school year is going to bring, all I can say is that its going to be a very exciting year!

I love these girls!!