Monday, July 26, 2010

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. cute kids

i work with kids at church and they say the cutest things:
a- (to my assistant) you're 17?? that's almost married!
b- do these shoes make me look 6 1/2?
c- (my niece to me and completely random)- i just think you look just prettier with your glasses on.
dully noted!

2- cakes
my mother in law and i threw a baby shower this weekend. apparently cakes can melt inside a house. the cake is now in two pieces. luckily this all happened after the shower.

3- adorable husbands

nothing is cuter/sexier than your hubby playing with kids. my hubby was the babysitter for two of our nephews and our niece. they all had a blast. now all jim has to do is stand up and the kids go crazy and start laughing, screaming, and running.  i'm one lucky woman.

4- nap time

is not just for kids. i have been wore out from being on the go constantly for the past couple of weeks. after church yesterday i came home to catch up on some blog reading and fell asleep. best 2  hours. everyday should include a nap.

5- phones

my phone hates me. no, really. i was in costco this weekend and tried to make a call (with service) at least 12 times. it would say "dialing" and then "call ended." i guess my phone wanted to get back at me for dropping it last week. phone, i said i was sorry. please start cooperating so that i don't have to drop you again! :)