Monday, July 26, 2010

Fitness+Cute? Yes!!

So, its been a while since I last posted about something that I have purchased. I guess I just haven't been going shopping. What a sad thought! :( On the plus side we did, just like a week ago, pay off our truck! Hooray for us!!

As many of you know, I dislocated my knee couple months ago. I also mentioned that I was going to try and run a marathon in October. Yeah, so not happening. I started to train, but my knee was really bothering me. Then I realized that both knees were hurting-one because of dislocating my knee and I guess not fully healing and the other because I was overcompensating due to the other knee. :( Totally bummed. I really wanted to run one. I am NOT giving up. I am just going to give myself more time and my knee had better start cooperating.

To help my knee along I bought these:
Reebok Simply Tone

My husband is the supervisor for the shoe department at work (hello discount!) and he's heard from a lot of customers who have had knee surgeries that their doctors have told them to use this type of shoe (or the Shape Ups) for a year. I guess they work the muscle and not necessarily the joints. We both thought that it was worth a shot. 

I have to say that they are incredibly comfortable. If I had ever walked on a cloud I would tell you that's what it feels like, but I haven't. So, I will just say that I literally always have a bounce in my step when I wear them. I like them because unlike the Shape Ups these look like normal shoes (and they are pink...heck yes!!). 

What are your thoughts on all the new fitness-let me fix you up without having to go to a gym-shoes?