Friday, July 23, 2010

So Confused

{Kind of long, but I hope you'll read it}

I think its pretty fair to say that I am oblivious to a lot that goes on around me. For example:
~I didn't realize that my girlfriend took my phone and was distracting me while a co-worker went through my contacts for my engagement party.
~I didn't realize that my husband was getting ready to propose. He had to start the video over because I wasn't paying attention (he told me it was the special features of the movie we were watching).
~I don't notice when guys stare (my husband swears this happens).
~I also have no clue when I am being hit on. 

It just never crosses my mind. Like last night. I still don't think it counts as being hit on. I guess it all depends on your definition. To me, unless a guys clearly says "do you want to go out..." its not being hit on. My husband and girlfriend thing otherwise. 

Here's what happened:
Last night all our high school students (and the hubs) got back from summer camp. :) My girlfriend was flying out (back to Texas) at 4 am, so we all went to Applebees for dinner and to hang out. I was completely out of gas, so I went to the gas station while everyone else went on ahead of me.

 {I guess I should explain this part first. In Oregon its illegal for you to pump your own gas, so we have attendants to do that for us. :)}

The guy comes over and is pumping my gas. I find him very friendly. Over-friendly is probably a good term to use. My thought is that he must not get to talk with a lot of people while he's working. He asked me where I was coming from, if I just got off work, where I was going after getting gas, what I do for a living etc. Then he tells me that he's just about off work-10 more minutes. We keep talking about this, that, and everything in-between. Considering I only put $10 into my car, it was a pretty long conversation. Every time there was a lull in the conversation he started another. He asked if he could clean my windshield (which he was very meticulous about cleaning). He did a good job and put a lot of effort into it. I leave and he tells me goodbye. 

Does that sound like you are getting hit on? It doesn't to me at all, but as I was telling my husband this at dinner he gives me this look. I was like, "what?" I think the look is best described as the look he gives me when I do something blonde. He pats my hand and tells me that the guy wanted to know all of that because he was hitting on me and was wanting to do something after. I just stare at my husband. I tried to tell him that wasn't case. He was just very friendly. The hubs then tells me to go ask my girlfriend and see what she says. Well, needless to say (because otherwise there would be no need for a post), she agreed with him.

I just don't see it, but I also don't understand how I could miss something like that. Does this happen to anyone else? How in the world are you supposed to know when its happening? I would like to respond by letting the guy know that I am MARRIED (I just figure any guy would notice the wedding ring)! What do you think? Does that sound like someone getting hit on or just a very friendly gas attendant?


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