Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, the Insanity!!

Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind (or already have and just haven't realized it yet). When I got back from camp (early) I had the worst week at work. I hate making mistakes and I think with in all the frenzy of getting ready for summer camp I got frazzled or something and made a ton of them. There I said it. I. Make. Mistakes. Ahh...that wasn't so bad.

These past few weeks I have felt like I've been running on empty. I have a million different things going on (and I love doing them all, which is part of the problem), but no time to relax-not that I am good at it anyways. But that's all about to end.

I am going on vacation! Hello Sanity!! I have to say that, although I am not completely thrilled with sleeping on the ground for 8 days (I've seriously been practicing by sleeping on the floor...I think I bruised my hip), I am looking forward to spending time with my family. It will be a blast hanging out at the beach with my nephews and niece, making s'mores, scuba diving, and just spending some much needed quality time with my hubby-both on land and under the water.

If you don't see a post from me, please don't freak out (unless its been more than 8 days-chances are a shark got me and I'm not coming back). I am going to try to have something for your reading pleasure. :) So, enjoy your weekend and your week and I will see you soon! :)