Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the Decision...

The wedding on Friday was beautiful. It was a very fun wedding and it was great to see them get married. :) One thing that stuck out to me as the most unique thing at their wedding was that they had a marrieds only dance. I thought it was sweet and a great way to honor people who are married. I think a lot of times weddings are about single people, which is fine, but its also really nice to see couples that have been married for a long time. There was an adorable couple that had been married for over 40 years...I want to be like them when I grow up! :)

So, I tallied up the votes-hose/tights or leggings for my dress. The majority of people here voted for leggings and the majority people that I spoke to in person/on the phone voted hose. I seriously had like a couple hour texting conversation with my girlfriend about it. :) I couldn't decide. I liked both. I tried it on with hose and thought it looked good, but then I wasn't sure if the dress was too short on my without the leggings. So, naturally, I asked the hubs. I asked him to pretend like he wasn't my husband (because nothing I could wear would be too short in his opinion), but a regular person if the dress was too short. He didn't know how to respond. Then I asked him hose or leggings and tried both on. Poor guy! So out of his element!! He asked if it was bad that he couldn't tell the difference. In the end I chose the hose because he liked them the best. Husband vote trumps all others. ;)

Here are some pics from the wedding:


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