Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation at the Beach

As most of you know (if you didn't you will know now :D ) I recently went on vacation. We went camping at the coast. Yes, camping. No, I didn't have an air mattress, but I did end up with a heater in the tent! I was cold!! :) We made s'mores with our nephews and niece, went to the historic front and walked around, saw the seals, and I think everyone but me ate seafood (yuck!). It was a really nice time. We were able to relax. I actually relaxed. I typically have a really hard time doing that, but I think I managed to stay relaxed pretty well. Oh, and of course we hit the outlet mall. I mean, really, what sort of vacation is it if there isn't any shopping?!

Oh, and in case you look at the picture of my hubby and our brother-in-law in all their scuba gear and start thinking that you will see one with me...you won't. I dislocated my other knee and it wasn't feeling up to holding up all the scuba gear. :( I don't even have a good story, although, if you want one I can make one up. I guess my knees decided I kneeded ;) to keep things even. If you haven't already read about the first knee that I dislocated, then you definitely want to check it out! :)