Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ready for the Fall

I think its pretty safe to say that most of you know what a klutz I am. Sometimes I really wonder about myself. I think my husband worries that I might trip and end up dead or something...he might not be too far off.

 For example:

Today at work I was standing up at my desk talking with a co-worker (totally work related...ahem...or not) and I went to sit down. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong. I wouldn't have a blog if I did simple things, well, the simple/easy way.

I went to sit down and my heel stepped on the leg of my chair (one of those spinning computer chairs). This caused the chair to move backwards and away from me...all while I was in the process of sitting down. As I am sitting down I realize that the chair is running away from me and that I am going to fall on the floor, so I do the only thing I can-I flail my arms around while moving towards the runaway chair and try holding onto the ledge in the attempt to catch my balance. I did land on the chair. Barely. I didn't land all the way on the chair.

Luckily, nobody saw me, but EVERYONE heard me. I had people asking if I was okay...people who were far away from my desk. It must have sounded like an elephant trying to do ballet. Now my poor hip and both (already injured) knees are in pain.

On a good note-I think I am ready for fall (haha)! :) I bought a pair of Levi's (skinny jeans) and a pair of boots! I actually went to Kohl's to buy a wedding gift and came out with pants, boots, and the desired wedding present! I'd say its a great win-win! Plus, I am loving that these boots are flats, since I clearly am not capable of wearing heels at the present time.

What do you guys think? Ahh, I love Kohl's! :)


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