Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do You Ever?

Do you ever go into a bathroom somewhere (like restaurants or movie theaters) and after washing your hands realize there aren't any paper towels? I think its some sort of cruel joke. I mean what are the trash cans there for? Trash cans everywhere and yet, not a paper towel in sight. After spinning around searching for one you finally resign yourself to dry them with the air blower thing. I can understand having one so people have some place to put their trash, but there are usually like 3. 

I know I live in Oregon and "we" are all about being "green" and maybe its the California girl in me, but give me paper towels! :) I like walking out of a bathroom knowing that my hands are dry. Those air dry things don't work very well. 

I have also found that I always feel competitive, like its a race to see who can dry their hands the fastest and make it out first. Of course, no one else knows its a competition, so really I have an edge. And really, who wouldn't? I mean you walk up about the same time and finish washing your hands at the same time. Then its like, "ooh, lets see who can get out of here first." Maybe this is just me. I never really realized that I was competitive, but I guess if I am having hand drying races in the bathrooms of all places, then maybe I am. :)

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