Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Tech Stuff

When my husband reads this post I think he will be so proud of me. :) Why? Well, because I am posting about the new Ipod Touch 3gen.

I guess it just came out this week and yes, we have already ordered one. My husband's birthday is almost here. Two years ago I bought him the Ipod Touch 2nd gen. and for the past two years he has thanked me (literally) at least once per week. Seriously. Its his favorite gift from me-ever! That says a lot because I am a great gift buyer (shocking huh? The girl who likes to shop is good at buying gifts).

I think that Apple and my husband might be in cahoots or something. I find it very convenient for my husband that his birthday just "happens" to fall within a couple of weeks of the Ipod release date. ;) The good news for me in all of this is:

1) I will have an extremely happy husband
2) I get his old Ipod touch

Happy birthday  to me! ;)


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