Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This weekend at our women's retreat was all about seasons of life. We had five speakers from five different seasons and they were all great, but, I have to say that, I am in trouble! 

They were talking about memory and how it will go away. I used to pride myself (and that's probably part of the problem...stinkin' pride!) on being able to remember everything. When someone needed something remembered, it was me who was told so that I could remind everyone. Lately, my hubby has been making fun of me (not meanly though) because I will forget things constantly. He thinks it hilarious because typically our roles are reversed.

I guess this normally wouldn't be a big issue to me, except that this weekend when they were talking about it I freaked because its not even my "age group" that is supposed to be going through this yet! I am like ten years ahead of schedule! What the heck?! Now I am trying to figure out if there is some vitamin or fruit or something (anything!) that can help me remember things (I probably knew about one, but forgot it already. sigh.). 

What are somethings that you would tell someone who is coming up on your season of life?

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